Practice Question 2

Q) Discuss the reasons behind growing distrust between Centre and state governments.

Superb Hints:

• The NDA tenure has also seen a sharp increase in the central government’s conflicts with non-NDA ruled states. The government’s decision to impose President’s rule in Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh and an enduring legal battle with the Delhi government have turned the Present government’s relationship with non-BJP-run states rather bitter.

• In addition, the return of President’s rule as a political weapon is totally in contradiction with the cooperative federalism promises. It has subordinated federal principles to the imperatives of the conquest of power in the states. It marks a setback in the journey towards a more federal Indian Union.

• Further, the electoral promise of cooperative federalism was caught in the tension between the push towards decentralized governance necessary for economic growth and the desire to conquer power in the states which the ruling party does not control.

• These reasons risk losing the confidence of states on Center, which may not bode well as many reforms need concurrence of states for its effective implementation. Thus, there is need for Center to remain on the path of cooperative federalism.

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